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Hard wood cleaning

Hardwood restoration cleaning

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Service Description

Hardwood Floor Cleaning It’s surprising how many homeowners and businesses damage their hardwood floors when cleaning them. Because they don’t realize how to properly clean hardwood floors, they mistakenly use incorrect cleaners and methods. Using a simple broom or mop doesn’t remove the dirt in your wood floor the way a professional floor cleaning machine can. This page tells you how Deep Steam professionally cleans wood floors anywhere in Nashville and its surrounding areas, plus we share how to do follow-up wood floor cleaning in between professional floor cleanings. Deep Steam Wood Floor Cleaning Method Our hardwood floor cleaning begins by thoroughly vacuuming the floor to remove all loose dirt. Then we use a professional wood cleaning machine designed to do the job right! Our machine applies professional hardwood cleaning solution, scrubs the floor without damaging it to loosen dirt, traps dirt with squeegees, then extracts all the dirt and cleaning solution with a powerful vacuum, so nothing is left behind to dull your floor. This is far superior to do-it-yourself floor cleaning with a broom or mop, which can just move dirt around or even push it into the crevices in your wood floor. We then clean the wood floor again with a neutralizing solution to achieve a shiny finish. Any hard-to-reach hardwood floor areas where the cleaning machine can’t reach are cleaned carefully by hand. When needed, we can also apply a fast-drying protective coating to renew the shine. We clean wood floors in homes and businesses anywhere in Nashville and its surrounding areas. Here’s how to keep your wood floor clean in between our professional cleaning.

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